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Photo story in Koforidua

December 14, 2010


3…2…1…..GO !!! Voltic’s trikes are ready to ride in Koforidua !

December 6, 2010

Voltic's distribution point in Koforidua

After several weeks of hard work, the project In Koforidua (Ghana) for Voltic is about to kick off!,
Voltic is owned by SAB Miller – one of the world’s largest brewing company-  and is a manufacturer of both Voltic Water and Muscatella soda brands. They recently ordered 10 new trikademiks. Thanks to an intelligent logistic system put in place by Ernest, the project manager, this project will enable 55 kids to go to school and the employment of 10 riders.

As for the previous launch in Hohoe, this project in Koforidua involved several steps before the trikes could start up!

More space for the kids' feet

First of all, Anton, our Technical Director, Michael, a new bike mechanic on our team, and Winfred, the bike mechanic fromHohoe, had to assemble the new trikes. When I say “new” it’s because we modified the design of the trikes when changing supplier. We obviously  took this opportunity to make some improvements on the Trikademiks, enabling kids to have more space for their feet on the trike, the advertising space to be changed easier and faster and the driving to go smoother.

Koforidua's whole team with Sammy

The second step was to go to a selection process of riders and train them to the job. This again involved MTTU (localroadauthorities) for the road safety training, and Plan Ghana (an NGO) for the child rights training. As for Anton and Ernest, they were in charged of the general and technical training and picked Samuel (everybody calls him “Sammy”) to be the teamleader of the Voltic’s riders.
As you can see in the photographs, the whole fleet is already practicing the Ghanaian roads and the kids have adopted the Trikademiks with no hesitation…
We are now looking forward to seing Voltic’s trikes running around Koforidua, enabling the children to attend to school regularly!


July 18, 2010

Yevu Joseph Gameli bounces back to win the award for the second time, having been the first winner in February 2010.

Gameli Receives his award

In keeping with the new tradition that was started during the Best Rider award ceremony for April, an invitation had been thrown to the community, and as many as 80 people were in attendance to witness the May ceremony. This included adults, some of whom were parents of the children on the project, all the 40 children on the project, the riders, and other children in the community.

Children enrolled in the program joined the ceremony

This ceremony was also unique because special foreign guests, Chris, the partner of our CEO and a Russian friend, Lyuba, with her children, Saveli and Toni, made the trip to support the project.

All the children present were very excited to have been given candies and exercise books and color pencils by Chris and Saveli.

Saveli distribute candies while Chris gives away exercise books and color pencils

The ceremony also saw the Instinct CEO announce the enrolment to the National Health Insurance Scheme for the 5 Team members; Joel Nyalempo, Iddrisu Sulemana, Daniel Awutey, Yevu Joseph Gameli, and Gideon Amekudzi (the Team Leader).


May 27, 2010

Community meeting for Trikademik Project

Ernest Teye Topey delivered the prize for best rider this month to Patrick Kakanu. Although in his first month on the rider’s team, Patrick has shown incredible drive and impressive sales results!

The awards ceremony gathered about 40 people, including of course all the riders, male and female adult residents of the village of Kodzeto, as well as some little children.

Prior to the declaration of the winner, Magali, INSTINCT CEO, commended the riders, riders’ team leader, the technical manager of the workshop and all others who had contributed in diverse ways to keep the project running successfully.

She was full of praise for Yevu Joseph Gameli, Daniel Awutey, Patrick Kakanu and Iddrisu Alhassan for their exemplary levels of diligence, commitment, and consistent sales performance.

The same morning, Magali took herself 4 children to their schools in Hohoe to demonstrate that the job was accessible to the females in the village. She took advantage of the award ceremony to launch a clear invitation to the youthful women of the village to seriously consider getting on board the project as riders. The INSTINCT team hopes that the community will support this initiative and the women who would take up the culturally rather bold decision to join.

As a conclusion to the event, Patrick Kakanu was proclaimed “the Best Rider for April”, based on his exemplary commitment, respect for and great interpersonal relations with all team members, punctuality, compliance with all project contract regulations, and for achieving the highest sales revenue for the month. He was presented with a nicely framed photograph of himself and a cash prize of GHC5.00 . The announcement of the decision was greeted with a loud applause and shouts of you deserve it! You deserve it! From the crowd which included his wife.

Ernest Rewards Patrick with his prize


May 20, 2010

Winfred Akakpo, the bike mechanic in charge of the maintenance and repairs of the fleet of tricycles for the Hohoe Trikademik Project shared his views and feelings about the project in a 30 minutes interview granted to Ernest, the project manager.

Here is what he observes, how the project influences his own business and how he sees the future of the project.

Winfred (right) and Anton in front of the Trikademik
at the workshop


Are you happy to be working on the Trikademik project which started here in Hohoe in February?


Yes I am very happy and excited about the project. I actually consider myself a key stakeholder in the project. I honestly consider it as my own project and I am committed to invest my best efforts to ensure its success. The riders will tell you how I have been cautioning them to take care of “my trikes”. I refer to the trikes as my trikes simply because of my passion for the project.


Instinct invested in your workshop to enable you to provide the best maintenance level. What are your impressions about this workshop?


Our workshop is the only one of its kind, I believe in the whole of Ghana, and people have been coming to admire the set up including the tooling. That of course makes me feel good because I can take the credit for helping bring the project to Hohoe.


And what do you have to say about the technical training you were given by Anton, the Technical Director of Instinct?


Until that training with Anton, I of course used to pride myself in the fact that I have attended a number of technical trainings in bike mechanics, but this training taught me a number of new things which have helped to enrich my technical experience and that of my boys. I have now gained new knowledge in tricycle mechanics as well.


Are there any challenges that frustrate you?


There have been a few operational challenges, but I believe the future is bright and therefore not frustrated by the few initial challenges, especially the technical aspects. I also appreciate the fact that the project is in its very early stages and therefore I find it normal to be confronted with such difficulties. We made some technical adjustments with the help of Anton and the technical challenges are already much less.


What do you think about the quality of the trikes and the future of the project?


I am very confident about the quality of the tricycles and quite excited about the innovative design, but will love to see a significant increase in the fleet size, with some being sent to other needy communities around Hohoe that also have children walking long distances to school and back. This I believe will help ensure the sustainability of the project in Ghana, provided we succeed in getting more companies to sponsor, because the need will always be there in needy communities.

Interview by Ernest Teye-Topey

Trikademik Project Manager

20km around the city of Accra !

May 10, 2010

This past weekend we participated  to a great event in Accra. Cowbell organised a bike tour of 20 km around the city. I took over the challenge to ride the TRIKADEMIK with the ZAIN campaign and 4 children.

The event was organised in a effort to create awareness towards bike riding and alternative transport in the city. It was great fun and the spirit was high amongst the participants.

Expectedly, the TRIKADEMIK attracted the greatest attention of all. Before we even departed everyone amongst the participants asked about the concept and praised ZAIN for their intelligent spending of advertising budget!

During the tour, spectators and passers-by called and asked questions to know what was that about.

Fortunately, by then all the bikers around me knew about the concept and became Ambassadors. The ZAIN brand was applauded and cheered at!

The last 5 km were more challenging because we went through a busy part of town. The children singing at the front encouraged me to keep on smiling and co-riders helped me push through the upward slopes.

Next to us was also the distribution tricycle model INSTINCT supplied by Cowbell. The youngest participant to the tour, Winfred, 4 year old, decided drop his bike and enjoy a tricycle ride on top of the basket instead.

We passed the finishing line with the children signing loud and eager to run and play in the bouncing castle Cowbell had set up.

This was a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate the successes of INSTINCT over the past months.

Magali (CEO of Instinct)

And the best driver of the month award goes to……Daniel Awutey !

May 3, 2010

For the second month running, the management of INSTINCT Media Ghana kept its commitment to the Best Rider of the month award, with Daniel Awutey, a resident of Dzenyena and substantive rider of Trike number one (1) being adjudged the Best Rider for the month of March !

At the award presentation ceremony held at the Trikademik Storage facility in Kodzeto on Tuesday 20th April, and attended by all twelve riders including reserve riders, the chief of Kodzeto; Togbe Gabriel Amekudzi, the Instinct Technical Manager in Hohoe; Winfred Akakpo, Gabriel Amekudzi the Team Leader, and a few members of the Kodzeto village, Daniel Awutey was presented with his award of a nicely framed photograph of himself and the cash prize of GHC5.00 amidst applause and expressions of commendation from colleague riders. This was after Ernest Teye-Topey, the Trikademik Project Manager had made a little reference to last month’s ceremony and winner, the criteria which remains unchanged, the fact that a particular rider can actually win the award more than once and even for consecutive months if only he genuinely deserves it, and finally taken those in attendance through the list of achievements that won Daniel the award. It certainly must have taken Daniel by surprise when his name was mentioned, although he has been working hard consistently, and his wide-opened mouth at the mention of his name betrayed his pleasant surprise. He was clearly quite excited but not alone in that, as virtually all his colleagues acknowledged his award with a loud applause and comments tantamount to congratulating him on his achievement.

Daniel Awutey (left), the Best Trikademik Rider for March receiving his award from Ernest Teye-Topey.

Daniel Awutey was adjudged the Best Rider on the basis of the following :

-His great commitment and passion for the project. His consistently increasing sales since the start of the project.

-His great team work spirit, his commendable coordination and leadership efforts in the area of information dissemination and offering assistance readily where needed.

-His regular reporting for maintenance and servicing His consistent punctuality and regularity to work throughout March His very good relationship with all of the children assigned to him for the free school transport, and sent each of them to school every school day of the month, and his and his generally good behavior.

Daniel was simply lost for words when it was time to give his acceptance speech, but at least expressed his deep appreciation for the award and said it was a good feeling for one to have his contribution and efforts recognized and rewarded.  The Trikademik Project Manager encouraged all the riders that any of them could be the winner anytime, and that it all depended on their commitment, hardwork and compliance with the project rules and regulations. The winner has been given a printed copy of his framed photograph, with the framed one hanging in the storage facility till the next winner is declared.

It is also worth mentioning that Yevu Joseph Gameli, the first winner of the award, has been motivated enough to go to the extent of having a special Zain shirt made for him at his own expense and using it alongside the Zain T-shirt supplied them as working uniform, as can be seen in the picture below;

Well done to Daniel and to Yevu 😉